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Report: Apple saved $6.5 billion by removing accessories from iPhone boxes

With the launch of the iPhone 12 series, Apple removed almost everything from the box aside from the USB cable and the phone by making it thinner than ever. According to new report, by removing the charger and EarPods from the iPhone boxes allowed 70% more devices to fit on a pallet. That also allow Apple to reduce yearly carbon emissions by 2 million metric tons. This is a great help towards the future of earth.

But not everyone believes that Apple made this move for the environment. Most believe it’s just typical Apple way to make more money.

According to the Daily Mail, by removing the charger and the EarPods from the retail boxes, Apple has saved a total of $6.5 billion. I loved this approach of Apple but the only thing I didn’t like is Apple did not reduce the price of its handsets when it removed the accessories from the iPhone box on top of that older models came with only 5W adapters expect for the iPhone 11 Pro models so most of the customers were forced to spend $19 for a 20W charger. Then AirPods usually cost around $129 at the very least if you don’t wanna deal with the wires.

If you still consider the EarPods, that will cost you $19. So you just wanted to add a charging brick and the EarPods with your new iPhone, that will cost you an additional $38. Now consider the millions of iPhone units Apple sells each year. Now it looks less of an environmental friendly move rather a money making move by apple.

Reducing the size of the box also helped Apple reduce its shipping costs by 40% but the price of the phone to consumers remained same.

Since the removal of the chargers and EarPods from the iPhone box, Apple is believed to have shipped 190 million iPhone units which means apple saved around £5 billion (or $6.5 billion) according to the Daily Mail.