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Reports: Apple choosing Samsung OELD Display for next-gen iPads

Apple’s next iPad is rumored to use OLED display tech rather than LCD technology. Industry reports suggest that the Apple has signed OLED contracts with LG Display and Samsung Display, both of which will supply their OLED panels for future iPad models.

For now, it’s unclear who’s ( Samsung Display or LG ) gonna get the major amounts of orders from apple for future iPads. It depends on which iPads will get the OLED upgrades and between Samsung & LG who will supply for exactly which iPad models. Cause not all of them be the best sellers.

For reference The iPad is by far the No. 1 tablet in the world & Apple shipped roughly over 12 million iPads in Q1 2021 alone. Apple knows it pretty well that OLED displays are becoming popular in almost all smart gadgets so whether it’s a smartphone, tablet or smart watch. So choosing OLED display over LCD display Will make the most sense for them. And i think it will be good upgrade.

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