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Rumor: Samsung may be hiring ex Apple and AMD engineers to design a custom CPU

Samsung had to shut down its in-house CPU design department because the Mongoose cores were lacking in performance compared to ARM cores. The result is the exynos 2100, built using ARM cores.

A new report claims that Samsung is maybe hiring former CPU engineers from Apple and AMD.

That engineer is demanding to be fully in control of their own team and to choose which employees to bring onto said team. That clearly shows how serious Samsung is when it comes to next gen chipsets.

Seems like Samsung is not satisfied with the performance of the new Cortex-X series from ARM. Samsung is already working with AMD to bring an RDNA2 GPU to Exynos. It will be named Exynos 2200. It will even debut on a Samsung laptop which is super crazy.

Now, Qualcomm will soon introduce a custom CPU design after acquiring Nuvia, a company founded by former Apple engineers who worked on the M1, A14 and older Apple chipsets. Now this is just amazing.

And if you don’t know Google is also developing Google Silicon with the help of Samsung. Smartphone chips are gonna go crazy in the next few years.

Now, It’s not clear when Samsung and Qualcomm will launch their custom designs. But it seems to be great news anyway.

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