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Samsung 200MP and 50MP camera sensors are official

Samsung recently launched two new sensor the ISOCELL HP1, it's the first 200MP camera sensor on the market and it might be the main sensor for the Galaxy S22 ultra. The sensor has 0.64-micron pixels and the ISOCELL HP1 features ChameleonCell pixel-binning tech, which can group between 4 to 16 pixels together in a single pixel to improve low-light photography. The 200MP sensor also allows for 8K 30fps video recording with quad-pixel binning.

On the other hand 50MP ISOCELL GN5 has super autofocusing speed which has been achieved thanks to using nearly a million photodiodes. This sensor has 1.0-micron sized pixels.

Going by the previous rumours these sensors can be used inside the upcoming Galaxy S22 series.

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