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Samsung could increase the prices of the Galaxy S23 ultra

Updated: Jan 8

It should be mentioned that, based on what we have seen thus far, the Samsung Galaxy S23 series appears to be pretty remarkable on paper. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC will provide users with much greater performance, longer battery life, and enhanced camera capabilities, among many other incremental improvements.

But like anything else, the Galaxy S23 has a cost, and it could be a little high. A slightly dubious report claims that Samsung intends to raise the price of the whole S23 series. The leak's purported source is SKTelecom, however it was first reported through a tweet before being covered in detail by Sammobile in an article.

The Galaxy S23 will reportedly cost $1,199,000 for the base model, $1,397,000 for the larger Galaxy S23 Plus, and $1,599,400 for the ultra-premium Galaxy S23 Ultra. These are about equivalent to $933, $1096, and $1253, respectively. Depending on the model, this amounts to an average price rise of between 10 and 20% from the previous year.

It's true that price increase rumours are nearly certain to surface. However, they usually turn out to be untrue so i will definitely keep an eye on this one.


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