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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra might make you unhappy with it’s pricing and RAM options

Until now, most of the leaked information pointed at a 12GB of RAM at least for the high-end Galaxy S22 Ultra. Last year, the Galaxy S21 Ultra came with 12GB of RAM onboard so whichever storage you look at.

According to reliable leaker Ice Universe, as well as a new Geekbench listings, the Galaxy S22 Ultra could come in 8/12/16GB of RAM options. We have already heard that the there will be 1TB storage variant which will feature the ultimate RAM option thanks to SamMobile.

Now, lot of you might ask why would Samsung offer a 8GB RAM variant of the Ultra model. My answer would be, it’s the way Samsung might make the Galaxy S22 Ultra more affordable. That will be a happy compromise. On the other hand, if the price does not go down as I’m expecting then it will be a very bad for us, consumers. Surely Samsung will have to face some kinda backlash.

The device will also offer as high as 16GB of RAM but only with the most expensive 1TB ROM version. According to reliable leaker Snoopy we have early Galaxy S22, S22+, and S22 Ultra price listings. Even though these are Europian pricing but from these we can guess the US price quite a bit. Keep in mind EU has a 20% customs duty tariff on electronics produced outside of the EU.

Galaxy S22 price

  • €912.00 8 GB/128 GB storage model

  • €963.50 8 GB/256 GB storage model

Galaxy S22 Plus price

  • €1,119.00 8 GB/128 GB storage model

  • €1,170.50 8 GB/256 GB storage model

Galaxy S22 Ultra price

  • €1,430.00 12GB/256 GB storage model

  • €1,544.50 12GB/512 GB storage model

The Galaxy S22 may start in the US from the same $799 price

The Galaxy S22 Ultra might start around $1100. Where’s the plus model might cost around $999. Now I don’t know whether the 8GB S22 Ultra will cost $999 or the Base $1200 model will offer only 8GB. But it will be really interesting.