Samsung’s first ISOCELL camera sensor for automobiles only

Samsung has just now launched its first dedicated camera sensor The ISOCELL Auto 4AC for automobiles. It is made specifically for modern day vehicles.

The ISOCELL Auto 4AC is a 1/3.7-inch sensor with a resolution of 1.2MP and an individual pixel size of 3μm (microns). This new ISOCELL camera sensor uses new & unique technology, called corner pixel that places 3μm pixels and 1μm pixels in a single pixel. The larger pixels are used for low-light conditions, while 1μm pixels are used for bright conditions. This is specifically will help situation like tunnels entries and exits and underground parking lot exits.

Samsung claims that its new automobile camera sensor can offer vivid HDR videos in real-time without any motion artifacts. This sensor has a built-in ISP, is also highly reliable and can operate in extreme temperatures of -40°C to 125°C.

This is really good that Samsung is targeting automobile camera sensor market with its advance tech. It will be interesting to look at.