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Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip 4 will come in a wide variety of interesting colors

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Galaxy Z Flip 4 will not have a massive design upgrade aside from few upgrades internally.

So it seems like the Galaxy Z Flip 4 will have massive range of color choices to differentiate itself from the very popular Galaxy Z Flip 3. And i think that’s always a good thing considering Samsung is targeting younger generation with the Flip Series devices.

According to reliable industry analyst Ross Young here are all the color and combinations coming with the Galaxy Z flip 4

  • Gold

  • Gray

  • Light blue

  • Purple

  • Black/green/green

  • Gold/yellow/white

  • Gold/yellow/yellow

  • Silver/navy/navy

  • Silver/white/white

The gray version is tipped to get the largest number of units produced in the "first few months", followed by purple and gold.

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