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Samsung showcases under panel camera, triple folding display, and more!

Samsung has decided to show off all sorts of interesting tech, including a triple folding display, an under-display camera, and so on. Samsung Display shared a new video which shows off all these techs.

Do note that all that is shown off here are concepts, The company showed off a triple folding display, long awaited under-display camera technology, a 17-inch foldable laptop concept, and more.

In this video, the company refers to the triple folding display as the “S-Foldable”. We heard recently that the Galaxy Z fold Tab will debut with this type of screen.But in samsungs video It does look quite futuristic. You can watch my video coverage on that.

The under-display camera is presented on a foldable laptop

On top of everything shown here is a device that looks like LG rollable concept I mean with a slidable display as well. OPPO showed off its rollable smartphone concept a few months back as well.

The “Portable Display” is also mentioned and shown here, The Galaxy Z Fold 3 is rumored to include an under-display camera.

Samsung may also release a Galaxy Rollablein the future. My personal favourite would be the foidable laptop. It will be a game changer.

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