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Samsung USA stops selling the Galaxy Z Fold 2

The Galaxy Z Fold 2 is no longer available to purchase on Samsung's US website. This was first spotted by 9to5Google

Is the phone discontinued ahead of galaxy z fold 3’s rumored August launch?

It does seems. But The Galaxy Z Flip 5G is still available. Galaxy Z Fold 2 is not listed anymore on T-Mobile and out of stock on Verizon’s website.The phone can still be bought from Samsung's other regional websites and the phone is still available on AT&T and Best Buy website.

In April, Samsung permanently reduced Galaxy Z Fold 2's starting price from $1,999 to $1,799. Now a recent report saying that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will be unveiled on August 3, alongside the Z Flip 3, Galaxy Watch 4, and Active Watch 4 at the next Unpacked event. The Galaxy S21 FE. And galaxy z fold 3 will feature S pen Compatibility, and under display camera. Which is very exciting.

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