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Samsung will introduce human eye-like 576MP camera sensor by 2025

Recently, Samsung officially announced the ISOCELL HP1 200MP and ISOCELL GN5 50MP sensors which could potentially be used as the primary sensors for the Galaxy S22-series. Now if you are thinking it’s reaching to a very high level in terms of megapixel wars, we heard last year that Samsung has the ambition to bring a 600MP camera sensor to mobile.

According to a leaked slide that was part of a presentation for SEMI Europe Summit by Samsung's senior automotive sensor VP, Haechang Lee, the company is currently developing a 576MP camera sensor. Samsung may even release these to the market by 2025. Just wait a minute and think about the Megapixel count. Interestingly, many studies and researches claim that the human eye has an approximate resolution equivalent of 576MP. Now it looks even more insane. Will it come to smartphone? Maybe not, it maybe useful automotive industry, virtual reality and even drones, but smartphones with that big of module will not be useful at all. But we will have to wait.

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