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Superior selfie camera on the Galaxy S23 Ultra despite lesser megapixel count

The Galaxy S23 Ultra, one of the top candidates for the title of "Best Android smartphone of 2023," will likely be the most coolest smartphone of the series. But there is one potential downgrade coming too, the Galaxy S23 Ultra would replace the 40 MP selfie camera of its predecessor with a 12 MP one.

Despite having less megapixels, recent evidence indicates that the front-facing camera on the S23 Ultra will actually be better than the one on the S22 Ultra. A tipster disclosed in a tweet that the S23 Ultra's 12 MP front camera would have a "Pro" setting and "Dual Pixel" technology.

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The new sensor will also provide advancements in "nightography" and low-light performance. In essence, the leak asserts that even with the reduction in megapixels, the total camera quality will be greater. However, when it comes to camera performance, megapixels are not everything, thus this sounds like a sensible choice on the side of Samsung but doesn't sound cool at all.


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