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The 40MP selfie camera from the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra's predecessor has been replaced with a 12MP

The camera module is most certainly going to be one of the features of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra next year. A highly stunning 200MP main camera will be added to Samsung's best slab smartphone. On both the front and the rear of the gadget, new megapixel counts are anticipated.

The whole Galaxy S23 family is going to have similar selfie cameras, according to a report by Galaxy Club, The 40MP front-facing camera on the Galaxy S22 Ultra will basically be replaced with a 12MP one as a result of this.

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Since the Galaxy S20 Ultra's debut, the Ultra version has featured a 40-megapixel selfie camera. Better quality cannot be associated with more megapixels because most of things are done in software. Nevertheless, in the tech industry, numbers are (nearly) everything. One of the first things fans look up when a new smartphone is released is the spec sheet, especially if it happens to be a flagship model from a well-established tech company. So in this case things can go wrong.

Even a 40MP camera can typically create excellent 10 MP photos utilising pixel bining technology, and a 12MP selfie camera will still produce sharp images. However, having more MP also has some other benefits.


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