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The Galaxy S21 FE might not get come to Most Markets at all

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

Recently heard that Samsung is going to delay the launch of the galaxy S21FE but now we are hearing another report from Korea’s news website Financial News saying that this phone will be released in only certain markets not everywhere,

And you probably have guessed it, the biggest reason is the global chip shortage. More specifically, we are talking here about the Snapdragon 888 that’s most likely going to power the model. Financial News states the phone could be released in October, but Samsung may be releasing it only in Europe and the US. It will probably be exclusive to these two places.

I know it’s sad.

Don’t take this October time frame seriously because it can even get postponed if chip production doesn’t improve as The industry official said that the October release cannot be guaranteed either. Samsung has stated that none of these decisions have been confirmed at this stage.

The galaxy S21FE is already a hot phone, everyone is literally looking for but now I don’t know what is going to be even though it’s basically a watered-down version of the S21 series.

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