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The Galaxy S23 Ultra's Night Mode is comparable to night vision: Leaker

Updated: Jan 6

Leaker ice universe recently wrote, "I need to emphasize again that the S23 Ultra's night camera is really "night vision." This is gonna be Crazy! But..

The Galaxy S23 Ultra will feature a massive 200MP main camera, a pair of 10MP zoom cameras and a 12MP UW sensor. The front-facing camera will also have a 12MP image sensor. One rumour about the Galaxy S23 Ultra's camera system has already been spread, and it states that the smartphone will capture 8K video at 30 frames per second (FPS). In contrast, the Galaxy S22 series records video at a frame rate of 24. Smoother videos from the phone should result from this. But on top of everything else, it will come with sensor-shift optical image stabilization, which is far more superior than the typical optical image stabilization. So now looking at all these things, it is still unclear where exactly the improvements are coming from in terms of low light capabilities, but it’s certainly going to be, the massive 200MP sensor & the insanely powerful custom snapdragon 8 gen 2. You might like this:

According to reports, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra will be unveiled on February 1st at the upcoming Samsung Unpacked event along with the other two phones in the series. This might result in a February 10th or February 17th publishing date.



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