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The Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 price has leaked

The Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 will reportedly be priced anywhere between $149 and $169 in the US, it’s a direct replacement for the $149 Galaxy Buds+ from 2020. Samsung is directly targeting both of Apple’s most affordable true wireless earbuds.

For a context, The second-gen AirPods retail at $159 and the Beats Studio Buds just launched at $149 last week.

The design of the Galaxy Buds 2 appears to have been inspired by the Galaxy Buds Pro. Samsung seems to have picked a dual-tone color this time for the Galaxy Buds 2. They all have a white exterior for the case but the interiors and the earbuds themselves come in black, green, purple, or white. Which is super cool.

An FCC listing recently revealed that it features wear-detection that can play and pause audio automatically.

It will also feature AKG-tuned audio, capacitive touch controls, wireless charging, and a companion app. But will feature smaller batteries than the Galaxy Buds+, for a context the current-gen Buds+ are rated for 22 hours of use.

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