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TSMC to prioritize Apple A15 chips for iPhone 13 and M1 chips over others

According to Digitimes, TSMC is set to prioritize chip orders from Apple and car manufacturers in the third quarter, as global shortages of silicon chips continues

TSMC also produces Apple’s M-series chips, and they will be a priority as well.

As so many products include chiptsets these day, the semiconductor shortage has impacted production of many industries, although the auto industry has been most prominent.

This decision of TSMC to prioritize Apple gives the company much-needed assurance regarding its future releases. For the iPhone 13, TSMC is manufacturing the new Apple-designed A15-chip on a 5-nanometer fabrication process.

Due to Apple’s scale, it can negotiate to make sure that it’s orders are satisfied first. The downside to this is that smaller phone brands will suffer the most.

But even tech giants like Samsung have been affected, they even had to cancel the note series launch this year.

Car manufacturers, should be happy with the TSMC as well. Nowadays the automotive industry also relies heavily on SoC. We have seen digital dashboards taking over the whole dashboard of some cars.

Some Carmakers had been pushing the Biden administration to require chip fabs to secure chips specifically for car production, but no bill by the government has been issued yet.

The report says that automative integrated circuits and Apple chip orders are getting TSMC’s primary attention, then followed by orders from PC and server manufacturers.

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