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WhatsApp added a very useful feature

WhatsApp has finally added a very useful feature that’s been promised since July. I’m talking about the option to remove the online requirement for use on multiplayer devices. If you want to use WhatsApp on desktop or any browser, you need to have your smartphone connected to the internet so that you can continue chats on computer.

This new feature has been in beta testing for for a very long time. Even i used it.

Keep in mind there’s a limit of four devices that can be connected to only one WhatsApp account at the same time you can manage the devices under the “Linked devices” tab inside WhatsApp settings. If you have previously connected devices then all of them will be removed before you start using this feature for the first time.

After adding them you won’t be needing your smartphone to be connected to the internet to chat using the browser on linked devices. I’m using this feature on my iPad to chat with my friends and its a pretty good experience but I’m only able to connect to only one WhatsApp account at a time on my iPad.

The last thing you need to know due to security reasons, if you don’t open WhatsApp on your phones for 14 days continuously, the app will automatically disconnected all the linked devices and you will have to add them again.

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