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Your First look at the Google Pixel 7, prototype appeared on eBay

Google recently showcased their upcoming flagship series, the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro during the May I/O conference. But a Pixel 7 prototype 128GB unlocked model model in a black color briefly offered for sale.

Now how that happened? We will never know. But this is an a early prototype. And the seller published a number of pictures very clearly showing a functional prototype. This device has all the visible specs we know about and even what Google showed us on the stage.Flat screen and slight chin, dual cameras, new refined design, 5G antenna and 128GB storage option.

Unfortunately the auction started at $450 but it ended quickly. that could mean few things, one it was intentional leak (just to release some real life hands-on photos).

Second, it could be the seller got into trouble with the big G.

Third, the seller sold it somebody off of eBay.

There’s one another’s thing, you can see, yes, these photos were shot on a Pixel 7 Pro, can be seen in one of the photos. So will we see the pics of the Pixel 7 Pro? Well I don’t know.

This year though what we are hearing that the whole Pixel 7 lineup will be a minor upgrade over the Pixel 6 series. The pixel 7 and 7 Pro will have almost the same display specs as the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro Respectively. We will even see almost the same camera sensors as the current model. Only the design will more refined now and it will offer Tensor 2nd-Gen, which will be manufactured by Samsung Foundry. So what I can expect is more software magics and optimization in the overall experience.

We are also hearing that Google might even come up with another Pixel 7 model in the series. But we have to wait a bit for that.

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