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YouTube Music: Is it Worth it in 2021?

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I Used to be a Spotify Premium User for over 2 Years, And Last 6 months of that period i also gave Apple Music a try right beside Spotify.

And I Found out that there’s a big lack in Consistency and Recommendations on Apple Music, Even though Apple Music has the best and minimal looking Music Control UI & Lyrics integration.

How i ended up choosing YouTube Music?

After that period I switched to Spotify freemium for over 2 months. Then i thought why not to try YouTube Music when i was switching to YouTube premium which comes bundled with YouTube Music premium.

And i think that’s how Google/YouTube wants you to come and use YouTube Music. Ok. Fine. Opened the browser and Transferred the Spotify playlists over to Youtube Music. Done!

And frankly, now I don’t wanna go back to any other Music Streaming Service.

Is YouTube Music That Perfect?

No. Not at all. It has a Big Missing Features List. Check out The Alarm by JointheAvid Ep. 02 to know more about what I discovered over time both Good & Bad.

Am I gonna Stick to YouTube Music for now?

Yes, Some features like Offline Mixtape, Recommendation, Search Engine and many more as I explained in the Episode above, made me love it even though it is having a lot of imperfections which i can ignore at least as of now.

If You’re thinking of having YouTube Music Premium I will Recommend you to have YouTube premium which comes with YouTube Music premium at a very Reasonable price, Rather than buying the YouTube Music premium Subscription separately..

For Pricing infos click here.

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