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Reportedly, Apple is trying to enable sideloading on iPhone

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Apple has consistently been strongly against iOS customers being able to obtain apps from sources other than the official Apple store. The corporation claims that this restriction keeps the iOS environment secure, but critics claim it's really just a way for them to control the money that comes in from the apps that Apple consumers download.

Apple will be required to remove the limitations it has imposed on app downloads under a new rule in the European Union known as the Digital Markets Act.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is working to support alternate sources for software downloads. Many developers complain that Apple's 30% portion of App Store purchases is unfair.

Although it appears that these changes will first only be implemented in Europe, a wider rollout is probably not far off considering that US lawmakers have also been talking about sideloading.

The corporation may set specific security requirements for all apps while maintaining some degree of control; they may even charge a verification fee. It is unknown if developers who distribute their programmes through the official store would be able to include their preferred payment methods or not.

In addition, Apple may open up features that are presently only available to its own apps, including the NFC chip and the Find My network, and allow third-party apps to connect more intimately with the company's hardware and fundamental system operations.

Opening iMessage and the Messages app to third-party services is one criteria that Apple is still hesitant to comply with because apple worry that doing so would compromise privacy.

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