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Samsung Galaxy A Series will be powered by AMD-Exynos too?

While the Exynos 2200 is expected to be the first chipset that is the result of Samsung's AMD collaboration, which will debut with the galaxy S22 series but According a report from Taiwan's chip foundry sources the company's high-end phones are not the only ones that will be powered by Exynos chipset with AMD GPU.

According to the report the next A-series midrangers from Samsung will also come with the AMD-powered Exynos. But we can easily guess it’s most probably A5X and A7X series cause these are the most selling Samsung devices nowadays.

Samsung may release the next Galaxy A5x and Galaxy A7x as soon as this year, going by the past track records around December.

But because this year they launched the phones in March, so there’s a big chance we have to a little long maybe after the launch of the Galaxy S22 series to get to see these midrangers, powered by Exynos with AMD GPU.

The source claims these devices will not get the Exynos 2200 with AMD GPU rather a watered down variant of that. It will reportedly feature AMD's mRDNA graphics subsystem, and the performance throttling will be "less than 10%" which if you don’t know is gonna be amazing in terms of heavy performance.

But it’s great to see Samsung doing something really good this time.


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