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Samsung Galaxy Note flagship is under development

Samsung may have already started developing a new galaxy note flagship, according to a tweet by famous insider Ice Universe.

The leaker claiming that a source in the supply chain has seen evidence of the existence of a new Galaxy Note device. We still don’t know what’s the name gonna be, will it be named Galaxy Note 21 or Galaxy Note 22 or maybe Just Galaxy Note.

The Galaxy Note 20 ultra was released last year and there were many rumours that it was the last Note Flagship. There were some signs pointed to that possibility.

Few months back an executive said that the company wouldn't release a Note flagship in 2021 because of the global chip shortage. But there were no mentions of if they will make ever make another Note Flagship in the near future.

On top of all that The Galaxy S21 Ultra and the Galaxy Z Fold 3 are the first non-Note phones to support a S-Pen, which in the past was a Note Series exclusive.

YouTuber Jimmy Is Promo saying that the series was never canceled and Samsung will alternate Galaxy S and Note series releases every year.

Samsung's Koh Dong-jin had earlier said that the Note series would be back in 2022. The launch timeframe could change though.

As of Now it’s hard to predict when the next Note is coming if it’s at all coming. Recently we saw Samsung is prioritizing foldable phones, according to some market analysis firms by 2023 the foldable smartphone market will be huge.

Because Samsung is still the dominator in this category of smartphones, it is better for them to focus mainly on the foldables. And we already saw their conventional Galaxy S Series is struggling but still slab smartphones account for the greater part of smartphone sales, so they need to come up with something great to make an impact. Maybe a Note Flagship.


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