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Samsung Galaxy S22+ and S22 Ultra's 45W brick is useless

This isn’t new for Samsung. They have done it in the past. They did it again.

Samsung’s Galaxy S22 series finally brought much needed faster charging speed support compared to last years Galaxy S21 models. But Samsung is far far behind most Chinese competitors.

The Galaxy S22 plus and the ultra model supports 45W wired fast charging speeds while the vanilla S22 retained the 25W of its predecessor. But what if i say Galaxy S22 don’t need this 45W fast charging support.

According to GSMARENA test, “A full charge on the S22+ from 0% took 1:01 hours with the 45W charger and just one minute longer with the 25W one. A full charge starting from 0% on the S22 Ultra with the 25W charger took exactly 1:04 hours while the 45W brick accomplished the task a mere 5 minutes quicker at 59 minutes. The 65W PD third-party charger took 1:02 hours.”

Well, that makes the Samsung’s 45W charging rate claim misleading. Simply there’s no benefit in buying the 45W($50) one instead of 25W($20) one when you have to buy the charging brick anyway. This was the same thing happened in the past as well. It feels like Samsung is just repeating the past again.

To make matters worse, Samsung was in the exact same position with the Galaxy Note10+ back in 2019. The company then dropped the claim of 45W charging on the Note 20 Ultra. Having reinstated it with the S22+ and S22 Ultra we thought it has learned from its mistakes and got it right this time. Alas, once again the specs sheet writes checks that the real life performance can't cash.

It is bad because, A company like Samsung is still not able to compete with Chinese rivals. Nowadays its easy to get a midrange phone from Chinese competitors with support of 65W fast charging. Xiaomi and Oppo has even faster more than 100W fast charging phones but these manufacturers actually deliver.


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