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Samsung Galaxy S22 & S22 Plus renders leak: beautiful

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

After leaking the S22 ultra design, leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer is back with renders of the Galaxy S22+ flagship And Galaxy S22. They both are identical looking. I’m focusing more on the plus model here.

Unlike the Ultra model's design, which is totally different from any Galaxy S model design so far and has a more of a Galaxy Note design, the smaller Galaxy S22 plus' design is very much alike the current-generation Galaxy S21 series.

Samsung’s ‘Contour Cut’ camera bump makes it more obvious that its a direct succesor to the Galaxy S21 plus, but Samsung has made some modifications. On the Galaxy S21 models, the camera bump melts into the frame. But here on the Galaxy S22+ its not same, though the overall look is more or less similar but it looks better. i like it. It maybe due to production costs or time they made this decision.

On the front Of course, this wouldn't be a high-end galaxy smartphone without a fantastic OLED panel. Going by the renders, which might be slightly less accurate, Samsung is finally going to implement razor-thin bezels.

its insane to just think about.. Apple and Google has uniform bezels but they did it by making it slightly thicker. If samsung can make the bezels Razon Thin. it will be a big achievement.

In terms of I/O, it looks like Samsung has moved the volume keys a little lower down the side of the phone compared to the S21 Plus. At the bottom, you’ve got a USB-C port, speaker grille, and SIM tray. With the camera bump the thickness is 9.1mm of the phone.

Now even though we are calling this Galaxy S22 Plus but according to the leaker Samsung might just call this Galaxy S22 Pro. Don't take the naming seriously cause it can change at the last minute. but hey if it comes with the pro branding then this would be the first Samsung Galaxy to have a Pro name.

These are renders of Galaxy S22

As for the other specs The standard Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22+ models are expected to feature identical triple-camera setups. Sensor specifications haven’t been revealed, but a 3x telephoto zoom camera is part of the package. There’s also a 10-megapixel selfie camera. The main camera could be the recently launched GN5 50MP Sensor. The phone will be powered by snapdragon 898 in markets like US and China, everywhere else Exynos 2200 with AMD GPU. As for the battery Galaxy S22 plus is expected to feature a 4500mAh cell. I will keep you guys updated.


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