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Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra leak showing bigger camera cutots

In order to highlight the differences between the Galaxy S22 Ultra and Galaxy S23 Ultra cases, leaker Ice Universe compared two images of the covers for each device.

It appears that the Galaxy S23 Ultra will have a similar camera setup, with a water drop camera module. However, what is astonishing is how much larger each lens will be than the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra's secret 200MP Samsung ISOCELL HP2 sensor is rumored to be 1/1.3 inches in size, with 0.6 m-sized pixels and a wider aperture of f/1.7 to let in more light.

For comparison, the lens opening diameter above, which is shown in this case as being for the S22 Ultra's 108MP sensor, is 1/1.33 inches with 0.8-m pixels and an f/1.8 aperture. Thus, the S23 Ultra sensor must be a brand-new sensor that Samsung has yet to introduce because it falls exactly between the 0.64 microns of the ISOCELL HP1 and the 0.56 microns of the HPX.

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Aside from that Samsung is relocating the power and volume buttons a little lower so that you won't have to stretch as far to reach those keys, which is a very welcome change.

This type of minor modification appears to be a small change, but it is likely make it more user friendly every day. The only thing left to do is anticipate the Galaxy S23 unveiling on February 1.


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