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Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 series is getting throttled too

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Even though most of the consumers most of the time don’t push their smartphones or tablets to their fullest potential. But i can guaranty no one likes to hear that the smartphone or tablet brand is throttling down the performance of the device without notifying them clearly.

Usually apple has a bad reputation in throttling, but I will say that’s a old story, the new story maker is Samsung and it’s Game Optimizing Service (GOS) app, which came pre-installed on some of its devices, was said to be limiting the performance of over 10,000 apps in total, including non-gaming apps such as Microsoft Office and many more.

That means these apps are deliberately restricted to use the full CPU and GPU power. Samsung's latest One UI update made uninstalling the GOS app impossible.

Samsung told they did this to prevent overheating, stuttering or lag during long gaming sessions. But now Samsung is rolling out an update that will allow you to disable GOS.

Then why it felt like dishonesty? Because Samsung included non-gaming in it. They were not so transparent about it and on top of everything, Samsung excluded benchmarking apps so that performance figures on those apps are as best as possible.

As a result, Geekbench delisted the last four Galaxy S series smartphones, including the 2022 Galaxy S22 series, and now it looks like the Galaxy Tab S8 line will be next. Android Police has found that GOS also affected the performance of Samsung's latest tablet series. But it only affected the Tab S8, S8 Plus, and S8 Ultra not the older models like the Tab S7 and Tab S5e were not impacted.

Android police also notes the tablets 'did not throttle as hard as the Galaxy S22 series phones,' but is that good enough of an statement?


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