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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 & Z Flip 3 Major Leaks Hinting at Massive Upgrade.

Twitter user BuKarpiel has shared images of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 which show changes in the camera array design and a huge technological improvement from the previous model..

Samsung is on track to launch two new foldable smartphones this year.

Newly leaked Galaxy Z Fold 3 pictures have confirmed features that have been rumored over months.

The phone still has three cameras, but the bump is a little more compact and the LED unit sits inside the bump. The Contour Cut camera housing, one of the Galaxy S21’s signature design elements, hasn’t made its way to the foldable.

In the folded state, there is less of a gap between the two parts of the main display, more like Huawei's newest fold device.

The leaker also says that the Z Fold 3 will have an under-display camera, which is in line with the past leaks.

These images also appear to confirm S Pen support and We can see how easily the stylus can be used to take notes simultaneously with a video call.

According to earlier reports, this is a new kind of stylus that has been made specifically for folding screens. The phone may not have a slot for storing the s pen though, keep that in mind..

We might also see UTG ultra thin glass Tech on this device which is more stronger than the past flexible screens.

On top of that, It won’t have a fine tip so that the foldable display doesn’t get damaged.

Samsung hasn’t confirmed as yet when it intends to unveil the new foldable smartphones. Reports suggest that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and the Galaxy Z Flip 3 may be unveiled in July.

If these pictures are to be believed, the Z Fold 3 will come in at least three colors — green, black, and silver

According to earlier reports, the Z Fold 3 will be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chipset and it will offer 4,275mAh of battery capacity. The phone is also expected to have a stiffer but lighter frame than the outgoing model and thinner bezels. It may also come with Some kinda IP rating for protection against dust and water.

Now let's talk about the Z Flip 3

The latest leak is big. It confirms some new details about the Galaxy Z Flip 3 like its design and display.

The leaked images also imply that the Flip 3 will have thicker dimensions than the Z Flip 5G.

Per leaked images, the phone will have a vertical camera setup to make room for a bigger cover display, as suggested by earlier rumors. This means the outer display will offer better use cases.

Samsung have also chosen a two tone rear casing. Samsung appears to have planned a lot of color options including black, white, purple, and green.

New “Armor” tech has also been applied to the hinge and foldable display to further improve the durability, major improvements to the Galaxy Z Flip’s successor. I love this one.

What do you think about these improvements for the Galaxy Z Flip 3 & Z Fold 3? Let me know in the comments


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