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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 Unpacked date is Official

Samsung galaxy unpacked event date
Samsung galaxy unpacked event

The next Unpacked event, scheduled for July 26, will take place in South Korea, according to official confirmation from Samsung.

Samsung has previously made hints that the launch of its next foldable phones may happen in South Korea towards the end of July, and it has now revealed the details of the event.

Although Samsung hasn't made the names of the devices it will be announcing during the event, it is clear from the teaser photos that the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Flip 5 will be on display. According to rumours, the Tab S9 series and the Galaxy Watch 6 pair will join these.

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It's interesting that Samsung picked Seoul as the venue for its summer Unpacked event as all previous Unpacked events were either hosted in the US or Europe.

The reason South Korea was chosen, according to Samsung, is because "it is where Samsung's openness philosophy and innovation vision come from." Additionally, South Korea makes sense since it’s a major market for the flip and fold phones.

The fact that this event is occurring a month early than normal is also pretty cool, maybe to prevent Google Pixel fold to have any market share. A new processor and a new hinge for both foldable phones, a larger cover screen for the Flip 5, an IP68 certification for the Tab S9, and a new chip and larger batteries for the Galaxy Watch 6 and physical rotating bezel for the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic are just a few of the incremental but significant changes that are anticipated for the devices.


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