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Samsung may use its wildest panel for its next Galaxy S23 Ultra with LTPO 3.0

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Nearly all brands utilise Samsung's OLED panels in their premium mobile phones because the business produces the greatest OLED displays for smartphones in the world. Nearly all smartphone manufacturers are anticipated to continue using Samsung's most advanced E6 OLED panels with LTPO 3.0 tech.

The Vivo X90 Pro+ has already been unveiled. LTPO 3.0 refresh rate control, 1,440Hz PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) system, QHD+ resolution, up to 1,800 nits peak brightness, and Dolby Vision are all features of the Samsung E6 OLED panel that is used. This might be the same advance panel will be used in the Galaxy S23 ultra. If you didn't already know, Apple uses Samsung's E6 OLED panels, which have a maximum brightness of 2,000 nits, in its iPhone 14 Pro series.

However, a recent rumour regarding the Galaxy S23 ultra claims that the panel will, in addition to a QHD + curved display, deliver more than 2100 nits of peak brightness.

With LTPO 2.0 technology, we have already seen ridiculous 1Hz to 120Hz adaptive displays. But do you know what LTPO 3.0 Tech will be capable of?

It is interesting to note that the panel used in the IQOO 11 can drive two distinct screen portions at various refresh rates. For smoother scrolling, it can, for instance, run a YouTube video at 60Hz in one area and the comments section at 120Hz. So you get the best of both worlds. This can prolong battery life while enhancing the UI's smoothness. This is Insane! So ultimately, the OLED panels from the South Korean company Samsung continue to perform better than BOE and LG Display panels.


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