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Samsung might hike the price of a particular Galaxy S23 model

The basic Galaxy S23 and the Galaxy S23 Plus will continue to be priced the same, according to the leaker @RGcloudS. This implies that the 8GB/128GB Galaxy S23 will retail for $799, while the 8GB/256GB version will cost $849. Similar to its predecessor, the S23 Plus will be priced the same at $999 for the 8GB/128GB model and $1,049 for the 8GB/256GB model.

Even if the S23 and S23 Plus are said to include a new CPU, larger batteries, a new back design, and a new selfie camera, it would be challenging to argue for a price rise given that most consumers won't consider these upgrades to be significant.

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Since the S22 Plus apparently didn't do well, there are suspicions that the S24 Plus won't be released the following year, but that's still in rumor mill. It would be hazardous to raise the price of the S23 Plus, thus Samsung is doing the right thing by maintaining last year's prices.

However, the Galaxy S23 Ultra can be more expensive than its forerunner, priced at $1,199, the standard Galaxy S22 Ultra has 128GB of storage. According to @RGcloudS, storage will begin at 256GB this year, which is in line with a previous report. The entry-level model with 8GB of RAM will cost $1,249, according to RGcloudS. That would result in a $50 price rise. You will need to pay $1,349 for the 12GB/512GB model, and $1,499 for the 12GB/1TB variant.

Most reports says that the colors Cotton Flower, Misty Lilac, Botanic Green, and Phantom Black will be available for the Galaxy S23 range, but the S23 Ultra may also come in some other colors that will only be available in small amounts. According to the rumor of today, the 1TB Ultra and these unique colour versions would both be delayed by two to six weeks and will be exclusive.

Given that the S23 Ultra will also feature greater base storage, Samsung appears to be pretty sure that people would be prepared to pay a premium price for the device.


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