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The first Nokia tablet might come finally - will be cheap as well

Nokia fan boys might remember the Nokia N1 Tablet. An effort made by Nokia technology with Foxconn in the past. It was an android tablet with Nokia Z Launcher on top.

But hey this wasn’t Nokia’s first time in consumer grade tablet either. In 2013 Nokia launched a tablet, Windows RT-based Lumia 2520 even though Nokia’s hardware was great the windows RT was a failure anyway and since the return of the Nokia brand in smartphone space HMD Global tried with no tablets, they made only phones.

While it's not clear why HMD will make a tablet even when their phones aren’t selling that great. But they are doing. Naturally, this will be running latest android software, stock or custom we don’t know, and according to one British retailer the tablet will have a 10.36-inch screen & will start at around £185.

So the screen sizes is somewhere between iPad 8th gen and iPad Air 3 2019. The starting price, meanwhile, could be around $200 in the US. So its simple the tablet isn’t a premium tablet at all.

But if the design and build quality will be good enough then this Nokia T20 could be a good choice at that price range. But I’m still sceptical about the software. I haven’t seen a stock android tablet in along time.

With the change in their naming scheme, the T20 name will be perfect. T for Tablet.

It will have a 4GB RAM and 64GB storage space base model. judging by the price its fine. The most interesting detail about the T20 will have a 4G LTE-enabled variant as well. Hope it will not disappoint. I’m gonna grab one just to see what’s it like.


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