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The Galaxy S24 Plus might be discontinued

Updated: Jan 14

UPDATE: Roland Quandt believes that the Elec story is "simply false" in its assertion that Samsung would only release two Galaxy S24 versions in 2024. There is enough of evidence to support the existence of the S24, S24+, and S24 Ultra, he claims in a tweet.

Original story continues below.

According to a surprising claim direct from Samsung's home country of South Korea, the biggest Android maker may significantly reduce the number of its flagship models available in future. The Galaxy S24 Plus may be discontinued, leaving Samsung with just the Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24 Ultra as its two conventional flagships, according to The Elec. The decision is allegedly still being considered by Samsung, so it is not yet final.

Samsung has allegedly begun early development on the Galaxy S24 series. The Galaxy S24 is allegedly operating internally under the DM name, but The Elec has discovered that there are now just two sub-projects, DM1 and DM3.

It doesn't take much imagination to deduce that those projects represent both the inexpensive Galaxy S24 and the extremely expensive Galaxy S24 Ultra. The DM2 sub-project, which was supposed to be the code name for the Galaxy S24 Plus, the middle child of the Galaxy family, is noticeably absent.

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Given that the s22 plus has a relatively small market share in comparison to the other two flagship models, this choice is understandable. Additionally, the Galaxy Z Flip model, which has virtually the same form factor when unfolded, is available for the same price as the Plus model.


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