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Tipster says to expect Huge Camera Improvement in Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Source jointheavid

Tipster Ice Universe posted some interesting information about next year's Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra on Weibo. The Galaxy S21 Ultra is the best smartphone camera right now, thanks to its big primary sensor, an ultrawide camera with autofocus, and two telephoto cameras (3x and 10x) with OIS.

The 2022 flagship S model the S22, is rumored to feature an improved periscope zoom using continuous zoom technology.

The current periscope zoom units found on smartphones such as the Galaxy S21 Ultra have fixed lenses, which results in poor image quality when zooming to levels that are not native to the phone. With the fixed lens, the phone needs to use a cropped image from the main camera, or a separate intermediate 2x or 3x zoom level before the periscope zoom takes over.

But thanks to technology created by Samsung Electromechanics and Samsung LSI, the new continuous periscope zoom for the Galaxy S22 Ultra will go from 3x to 10x freely to deliver sharp images and more detail at all levels of magnification.

An under-display selfie camera is expected to be included on the device which is even very easy to guess why if you have seen my recent video.

Samsung's own Exynos 2200 chipset along with the AMD Radeon Mobile GPU could also debut with this model.which is expected to be more powerful than the GPU found inside Apple’s latest A14 Bionic chip.

Some publications also said that the Galaxy S22 Ultra might feature a 200MP primary camera and will come with the Olympus brand’s tech or touch ups.

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