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Top 10 features that i find useful in iOS 16 update

The first one is in settings when you connect AirPods. Now this not something you will need everyday but this is really stupidly useful change apple brought to the settings app aside from a slightly tweaked settings UI

The next one even though i use it less on my iPhone more on my iPad. But many of you will find it extremely helpful. It’s the quick note feature from iPads. You can access it from the control centre. It will let you take a note without opening the app and quickly. And it will saved in a specific folder in the notes app for future usages.

The third one is related to this, Dictation has gotten a massive new way of doing stuffs now once you tap this mic button you can continue to talk and convert it to text and you can suddenly stop talking nad typing instead and go back to talking without any tapping in between.

The forth one has to be the subject separation from image. Now i know it seems gimmicky to most but it can come real handy to a lot of people! I find it to be pretty good considering how it does all in a sec! But it’s not the perfect most of the time mostly if you look at the edges.

But this capability also bring another feature to iOS. Now this is nowhere a useful feature but rather fun. Is the Lock Screen more specifically if you use pictures of yours or other humans. The Lock Screen customising options now allow you to use your photo as the subject and puts the clock behind you. It does with any photos. Like this one taken with a Galaxy device of mine. Talking about the lock screen customisation there are so many option just by holding on the Lock Screen. You have one cool lock screen wallpaper, weather. It actually changes depending on the time and weather which is fantastic. So if you’re inside office or inside home, you will always be able to take a look at the sky outside without looking. Now it’s not 100% accurate about the weather but 90% accurate it is. Now if you don’t like this you can set moon as wallpaper that has some cool animations too. Or simply you can visit my website for some really unique 8K wallpapers. Link down below. But that’s not only it you can change the clock font or even the color.

the next one is also in the Lock Screen, now you can add widgets below the clock. Currently not all apps are have this widgets but it depends on the developers. But one more thing is now you can add more things right beside the date at the top. So you will more useful infos aside from the date. Cool.

The next one is again in Lock Screen, you can have a tons of wallpaper pairs and you can change what the pairs will look like, you can choose lets say my agate-1 wallpaper for the lock screen and gradient of any colour for the Home Screen or blur my wallpaper for the home screen plus you can attach the pair with a particular focus mode.

The next one is again in the lock screen but about the notifications. Now you have three new ways to receive and see notifications on the lock screen. I usually keep it hidden so i can swipe to see the notification plus there a thing called live activities, lets say if you set a timer it will be visible on your lock screen in a way where you can interact with it. Over time it will be used by many other apps like Uber LYFT etc.

Next one is for few iPhones specifically, battery percentage toggle. But iPhone 11, XR and Mini iPhones aren’t getting it. SAD emoji.

Next one is gonna be game changer for many, you can unsend and edit iMessages but do keep this in mind the other party has to be on iOS16 as well otherwise it wont work. The same kinda feature is in the mail app from apple. But i use gmail.

The next one has to be this, you can convert stuffs easily without safari or Siri. Just one tap and it’s converted. It works even in camera app or images. Just tap on the text that has some kind unit attached to it. That s it.

Next are the bonus ones but insanely good. First one has to be an option in siri settings that allows you to send a text without asking for a confirmation from you but it will still give you 5sec to cancel it. Easy.

Now you can merge your 3 dad named contacts in contacts app, just like that you can delete duplicate photos in galley but just going to the duplicates section and do keep this in mind this time hidden photos are really hidden, you need to passcode or faceID login. Even the recently deleted section requires same. Talking about deleting photos now you can take a screenshot and if you click on the done button you will be able to copy and delete the screenshots easily without saving them at all. You can tap on the search option in the home screen for spotlight. Great for the pro max phones. In privacy settings you have lockdown mode for insane level of privacy. You can pin tabs in safari. Is it useful? not for me.. Now there are few new options in the focus settings that if you have to look for yourself. FaceID can work even in a landscape mode for iPhone 13 series and 14 series. Sadly.


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