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Under display fingerprint scanner not coming with the 5G Galaxy Fold 4?

So most of the Galaxy phones are having under panel finger print scanners except for the fold and flip phones. So you will probably be asking for the same feature on these devices Right?

Well according to Business Korea Samsung considered using under-display biometric readers on both the upcoming Galaxy Fold 4 and Galaxy Flip 4 but recently decided not to include that feature instead they chose the safer option, physical fingerprint scanner.

They will continue to integrate the fingerprint scanner with the power button on the side of its foldable phones, which even though is quite thin in day to day use cases but its still way better than to locate the finger print scanner every time and that too unreliable (because of the folding screens). Even though we have seen patents filed by Samsung where the foldable device had 2 under display finger print scanner.

According to the report out of Korea Samsung decision to include this feature is mainly due to the ease of usage. Even though I would still want Samsung to use at least one under display finger print scanner on the cover screen even as an option after all its the flagship Galaxy Model. But maybe next year. The Galaxy Fold 4 and Galaxy Flip 4 are expected to be released during the third quarter.

At the same event we will also see the next gen Galaxy Watch. According to SamMobile's sources, Samsung could offer a "Pro" model of the Galaxy Watch 5 lineup. Up until now, Samsung has always released only two watches every year. So what can we expect with a pro model, well even though nothing is released at this moment, but I can guess a premium design with premium materials and watch bands and definitely exclusive specs features.


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