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Upcoming Google Pixel Fold interface leaked

The next Android 12.1 version number is not even officially out yet, but this update entirely towards useful interface changes mainly for foldable phone or maybe tablets.

All thanks to XDA-Devs. According to them "Google is adding new APIs and features aimed at improving the foldable phone experience."

We recently heated about googles plan to launch a foldable pixel device sometimes in Q4 of this year. So they definitely need to make the android 12 work on it like it should be. Now everything is making sense.

The Google Pixel Fold is expected to feature a 7.6" display made by Samsung. This device will be powered by the Tensor chipset, and probably Google Pixel 6 like camera setup.

As for the changes coming with android 12, here’s the list:

  • Windows style Taskbar: The taskbar is integrated with Android’s existing multitasking and split-screen features, and it looks quite similar to what you’ll find in many desktop operating systems. You can use the taskbar to quickly switch between apps, drag and drop an app to launch it in split-screen mode. Up to 5 apps can currently be added to the dock/taskbar. This is more like the dock from iPadOS. I like it.

  • Dual pane notifications panel, Settings, and lockscreen: the Quick Settings and notifications panel can both be shown at the same time on Android 12.1, with the Quick Settings on the left half and the notifications on the right half. Inside the Settings app main page is on the left, and sub-menus on the right. It’s good that they are taking advantage of the screen size. The lockscreen, meanwhile, is also split in two, with the clock and date info on the left and notifications on the right. The PIN/password appears on one side of the screen, you can move to another with a tap.

  • New split-screen and recent apps UI: it’s slightly tweaked. Underneath the most recent card is also a new “split” button. App Pairs, a feature that will let you create a pair of apps to launch in split-screen view simultaneously coming too.

  • Open a notification in a split-screen window: A new feature called “notification to window” is coming as well. This feature lets you launch an app in a split-screen window by long-pressing a notification and then dragging and dropping it to either half of the screen. But in the future you might be able to make the app flow freely.

  • New AOSP wallpaper and boot animation: the boot animation will also have an effect of “material you” colour adoption.

  • Press & hold duration for power button: A new “press & hold duration” slider has been added under “Settings > Gesture > Press and hold power button” that lets you adjust the sensitivity of the long press power button gesture. You can choose from short (250ms) to long (750ms), or somewhere in between (350, 500, or 650ms).

Google is preparing to bring a whole new level of Android interface change with the 12.1 update that is specifically made for the foldable and tablets.


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