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Xiaomi also throttling apps but not Geekbench: Not surprising

Recently, four Samsung Galaxy flagship lineups including the recently launched Galaxy S22 were delisted by the Geekbench database.Now, Android Authority reports that Xiaomi might be doing the same thing more specifically, with the Mi 11.

Geekbench co-founder John Poole stated on Twitter that he has observed suspicious behavior with the Geekbench test results with the Xiaomi Mi 11.

Poole stated that the performance throttling that the company is doing is based on app names. If the benchmarks apps are disguised as games then they are getting throttled by a lot, otherwise not. He found out that disguising the Geekbench app as Fortnite resulted in single-core performance scores dropping by a notable 30%, while multi-core dropped by 15%. That might not seem a lot but the biggest problem is the transparency. So throttling games but not throttling benchmarks apps makes it even bad cause it looks like they are trying make those benchmark results as good as possible and not reflect the real-world performance of the said phone.

He also observed the same exact behavior when Geekbench is disguised as a game called Genshin Impact. Xiaomi is throttling games to limit battery overheating and battery drain. We still don't know if other apps are affected just like Galaxy phones.

As for what happened with the Samsung Galaxy models, the Galaxy S22 series to galaxy S10 seires was found to throttle the performance of more than 10,000 apps using a service called Game Optimization Service or GOS. Even though it is designed to prevent overheating issues during long gaming sessions, but it was also found to limit the performance of thousand other popular non-gaming apps.

But just like xiaomi, they excluded a lot of benchmarking apps, including 3DMark and Geekbench.So those apps were not showing the real life performance figures.

The situation got so bad that even Samsung Samsung CEO JH Han did apologize and updated the GOS service. for the Galaxy S22 series and the Game Optimization Service.


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