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Your First look at the Working Google Pixel 7 Pro Prototype

Google recently gave us the opportunity to look at the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro official images during its May I/O conference. These two phones just like the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro will be officially released in the fall. But just like every Google phone we recently saw hands on photos of the pixel 7 on eBay, and now, someone claims they got the Pro model too but this time from Facebook Marketplace.

Reddit user AMC20_ says that they thought they had bought the Pixel 6 Pro as it was listed like so. But guess what it is the Pixel 7 Pro. If you look at the design it will surely remind you of the Pixel 6 Pro but there are some major design changes at the back. The phone features an updated horizontal aluminum camera bar with a pill-shaped cutout for the lenses and different finish on the camera bar. According to Google the have made some changes to make the transition from aluminum frame to camera bar feel seamless.

Reddit user AMC20_ says that the device is used for three weeks before Google got to know about the serial number from the markings and wiped the phone to make it unusable.

Now if they try to switch on the phone, they are redirected to Android’s fast boot recovery menu, but that shows the previously leaked codenamed Cheeta and it does features a Samsung-made modem that also makes it pretty clear that Tensor chip 2nd-Gen is also gonna have Exynos-Ness in it and will be built by Samsung as the past leaks said too.

At this moment we have seen a real Google Pixel watch Prototype, Pixel 7 and 7 Pro prototype. It is unknown how all these things are getting out of Googles Pocket like this. Is it on purpose to generate hype or something else?

There is still plenty unknown about the Pixel 7 phones, but we have heard that the display specs are gonna be same as current gen Pixel phones and even the camera sensors aren’t getting any updates. Only magic will happen in Softwares. But that’s not only it we might even see another Pixel smartphone in the Pixel 7 Lineup. Is it that Google is trying to distract us? Maybe!


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