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YouTube is looking to protect its creators by hiding the "dislike count"

Author’s Personal Opinion inside.

That’s a big headline. They are mostly saying that it’s because of creators metal well-being.

I’m a very small creator on YouTube.

Now if you can’t remember YouTube in the early part of this year removed the dislike name and replaced with “NOT FOR ME” button. Then they went back to the old like dislike. Then they recently removed the dislike count, then they bought the count back again. Now Finally they have clearly said that in a blog post.

So let me tell you about my experience with the like & dislike as a small creator.

So in the beginning i won’t lie, i used to get disappointed by a single dislike even. It used to bother me somewhat. Cause a small creator’s video reach isn’t that high so usually the likes are not that much so the like and dislike ratios are bad compared to what that ratios look like on a big creators videos.

That’s the reason a lot of budding creators usually disable the like dislike count, but by doing that they also get a very little likes too, lets say if i visit a video and i see the these counts are disabled, I don’t like their videos too. But that’s my personal experience.

With this new change in YouTube the small creators might be happy that the “dislike mob attacks” won’t be there or even when anyone is coming to their video they won’t be able to see how many dislikes are there. Ya i get the point. It might not affect their metal well-being that much. But there are few downsides to it too.

Whenever i search for things like how to do certain stuffs maybe hope to edit the voice in GarageBand to make it make the voice sound better. I find its not hard for me to detect which tutorial is good one just by looking at the like and dislike counts. It’s like time saving cause YouTube don’t cost you money.

Now the second down side if people don’t get to see the dislike count they might just come to the comment section to bash on the creator. Yes there’s a lot of people who comment in a very wrong way, even though there’re ways to block or remove those comment from showing up or filter the comments. But we creators know it pretty well it does take a extra time to do those things and it doesn’t work properly.

So now i don’t know how this will help creators metal well-being that much. But we have to keep in mind that people usually don’t have that time or patience to click the comment section and then write down the feedback or strong feedback and then press another button to post the comment, it just a lot of steps than just disliking with one tap when the dislike button is still there.

YouTube has told TechCrunch that its decision to remove the "dislike count" has nothing to do with any changes forced on them by a regulatory agency. The move was made by YouTube to protect its creators.

After the rollout worldwide people wont be able to see the count but you the creator will be able to in creator studio. I don’t know i am liking this change, but in some cases i don’t. Either way this is happening and we have to deal with it.



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